Platinum Tanks can provide staff skilled in marine interfaces including Tankship discharge and Marine bunkering operations. Our background in engineering tasks and projects involving dangerous goods, petroleum and chemicals. Equipment operation and service, are ideally suited to the demands of marine transfer operations. 

These operations are critical and require special training and experience to ensure safe and efficient task completion. Incidents can have significant consequences involving injury, costs, product quality, compliance, and reputational damage. Risks include working around equipment under pressure, working with lifting and winching equipment, handling flammable test samples, falls to water to operators, mooring security, damage to floating hoses and connections, product quality and contamination, and marine spillage.

Work is conducted to strict safety and operational protocols procedures and checklists and includes requirements for detailed task briefing and emergency response planning. Activities are supported by our comprehensive Quality Safety and Environmental Management Systems which are compliant to ISO standards. In addition, it is necessary to maintain effective risk management, logistic and communications systems.

One of the locations for bunkering operations is very remote with difficulties not often faced. The discharge and bunkering operations with the vessels moored on parallel to a 10-metre cliff face and exposed to seas conditions. Strings of marine floating hoses are launched from land by cranes arrangements and towed to position then winched to shore point connection. The discharge is vulnerable to changes in sea conditions and mooring stability. The operation is carefully monitored and on completion, hose strings are flushed and purged prior to being disconnected and returned to storage facility.

Platinum Tank Services is ready to assure your operational performance, our business is focused on minimising risk through the safe, accurate and proficient transfer and storage of oil, gas and bulk liquids, along with a completely integrated solution to meet industry leading compliance, testing and inspection requirements.


  • Shore officer supervision

  • Terminal transfer operators

  • On board marine loading assistance

  • Deployment of marine floating hoses

  • Operation of winches, cranes and marine hose reels

  • Pressure testing of marine floating hoses and cargo lines

hose connection bunkering