The critical operations undertaken by Platinum Tank Services require that our staff be comprehensively trained and experienced to help ensure safe and efficient task completion.

Some of the risks we face and manage include:

  • Working with equipment under pressure

  • Working with lifting and winching equipment

  • Handling flammable test samples

  • Trips and falls

  • Mooring security

  • Damage to floating hoses and connections

  • Product quality and contamination

  • Marine spillage


Workplace incidents can have significant consequences that may include injury, financial penalty, product quality, compliance and reputational damage.

To help negate the likelihood of incidents, all our operations are conducted under strict safety and operational protocols, procedures and checklists including comprehensive task briefing and emergency response planning.

We also implement, maintain and review a range of risk management, logistic and communications systems and conduct all operations in accordance with our overarching Quality Safety and Environmental Management Systems that are compliant to applicable ISO standards.

health & safty